Numerous moms and dads pick to create a will so that their small kids are always secured. While a will permits you to designate a guardian for the care of your minor kids, it doesn’t allow you to completely discuss the level of care that is required.

With using a letter of intent, you can discuss essential details that connects to the care of your children. This can enable you better prepare a guardian for the possibilities that lay ahead. Take an appearance at the details below, to read more.
A letter of intent can and must consist of a variety of things. This includes the following:

u2022 Essential details about each child. Names, social security numbers, birth dates, and birthplaces, are some things to include.
In addition, your children will treasure a love letter from you which tells them how much you love them and why you love them. Consist of fun memories, wisdom, and your hopes and dreams for their future.

If you have any extra questions, or if you wish to develop a will or letter of intent, seek advice from a competent estate planning lawyer.